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Introducing a Cultural Deal for Europe

Introducing a Cultural Deal for EuropeThe moments of major crises often present us with windows of opportunities to reconsider our overarching priorities and ways of achieving them. While the policy-makers are currently concerned with mapping out the road towards Europe’s sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the European cultural community urges them to include culture as a key component in this process – and beyond. It is time to acknowledge the central role that culture and creativity play in European society, economy, and identity and provide it with the necessary means to fully realize its potential as a major consolidating factor of the European project.

To put this visionary idea into motion, Culture Action Europe, European Cultural Foundation, and Europa Nostra (representing the European Cultural Alliance) jointly proposeda Cultural Deal for Europe framework. This overarching strategy aims at placing culture at the center of the European project and mainstreaming it across all policy fields:from the green transition to Europe’s geopolitical ambition and from the digital shift to a value-driven Union. It focuses on both facilitating the contribution of culture to Europe’s sustainable development and providing the sector with the credibility and resources for realising its full potential. By bundling together both short and long term objectives, Cultural Deal for Europe is envisioned as a roadmap towards a more balanced, more comprehensive, and more inclusive European development model.

The Cultural Deal for Europe is an initiative in the making. It is an umbrella framework to be developed in the course of the following months, particularly in view of the preparations to the upcoming Conference on the Future of Europe. By launching this campaign, the European community of cultural, creative, heritage and philanthropic sectors leads a call for ideas and input from the representatives of the sector, with regards to the role of culture in the post-pandemic recovery of Europe and beyond.
What does the Cultural Deal for Europe propose?

Devoting at least 2% of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) for culture.  
All national recovery and resilience plans must show due evidence of cultural and European relevance. 
Full inclusion of culture in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the European Green Deal. 
Make sure funding for culture is mainstreamed into other relevant EU programmes and actions.
Relevant and timely support to cultural workers. 
Philanthropy to be associated strategically in the recovery of Europe and design of its future. 
Upholding democracy and rights for a values-based Europe.
Culture is key for the EU’s external relations
Culture for the future of Europe. Cultural Deal for Europe
The launch event

The Cultural Deal for Europe was launched on 18 November 2020 during a high-level online event, with the participation of the key European policy-makers and cultural stakeholders.
Within the context of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the discussion unfolded around the role that culture plays in Europe’s recovery from the pandemic, how it can contribute to a more long-term vision of the future of Europe and what can the role of philanthropy be in this process.
The debate was divided into three sessions, in which the policy-makers and the representatives of the European cultural ecosystem exchanged their views.[Video Chapter 1: Culture as a driving force for Europe’s recovery][Video Chapter 2: Philanthropy as contributor to the Cultural Deal for Europe][Video Chapter 3: Culture and cultural heritage for the future of Europe][Video Conclusions] Message from David SassoliThe online debate on the Culture Deal for Europe was opened with a video address by the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli. In his speech, he talked about culture and arts as the creative force animating the European project. Claiming beauty and ‘poetics’ vital to the quality of our lives, President Sassoli argued that cultural dimension is central in building a new, post-pandemic future of Europe.Social Media Action Day
Take part in the #CulturalDealEU social media action day On the 13th of January 2021, Culture Action Europe organises a social media action day to communicate widely about the Cultural Deal for Europe. We invite you to support this action by engaging with the #CulturalDealEU on Social Media.
#CulturalDealEU campaign is jointly brought to you by Culture Action Europe, the European Cultural Foundation and Europa Nostra (also in its capacity as a coordinator of the European Heritage Alliance). #CulturalDealEU is the framework in the making.
Would you like to know more about the campaign? Visit #CulturalDealEU section on the CAE website.
Interested in being engaged with the campaign more actively? Do not hesitate to reach out to us.