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European countries complicit in Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara

In September 2022, Amir Kiyaei, DiEM25 Policy Coordinator, joined a delegation of the Progressive International comprising 15 people from 12 countries, on a trip to Western Sahara to bear witness to the enduring struggle for Sahrawi liberation.

When Spain withdrew from the colony in 1975, Morocco immediately claimed control. Since then, Sahrawi people have faced division, displacement, and the violence of an occupying force that has terrorised them and plundered their resources. Nearly five decades later, Western Sahara remains the last colony in Africa.

Today, part of the Sahrawi population lives in a series of refugee camps in the Sahara desert in western Algeria, where the delegation stayed.

All along in their struggle, international solidarity has been key to Sahrawi resistance. This visit was just the beginning. DiEM25 and the Progressive International will continue to work together to support the Sahrawi struggle from our organisations, countries, and continents. And you can join us.

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