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Portrait of Arianna Vagourdi She has long light brown hair and is wearing a blue blouse a colorful scarf and assorted long earrings She is staring and smiling

Arianna Vagourdi

Arianna Vagourdi holds a degree in English Literature from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. (1982-1986). She worked as an English teacher at the Greek State Secondary School from 1993 till 2019. She undertook secretarial and team coordination duties from January 2019 until today. While working in education, she actively collaborated with school health & cultural programmes, as well as European projects (Socrates, Comenius, Erasmus and Erasmus+). While at MeRA25, she exercised secretarial duties before and after the 2019 elections and worked in the domain of members communication, the support of the Education sector of the party from October 2019 until October 2020, and the organization of the sector’s First Panhellenic Tele-conference for Education. She also undertook the motivation of the volunteer translators and subtitlers of MeRA25 and their shaping into a coordinating group (with the Greek acronym OEMY) which, among others, assists mέta. She worked voluntarily for the formation of local ‘Team of Disobedience’ in the B1 precinct of Athens in October 2018 as coordinator, a duty she performed for one year. She is a member of MeRA25’s Education and Culture sectors and is a member of the first Central Committee of MeRA25 since September 2020.