Screening Documentary: Not Just Another Party | DiEM25

The story of DiEM25, as seen from the movement’s members and their work in Greece.

Tuesday, 2 May 2023, 20:00, Mikrokosmos Cinema, Andreas Syngrou 106 Ave. 117 41, Athens, Greece

Released to commemorate the first half-decade of DiEM25, it is a celebration of the tenacity of hope and the incredible achievements that are possible when people dare to believe in alternatives.
Greece is the first country where DiEM25’s seeds were planted and the film poses the questions: what will they grow into, and where will they be planted next?

Directed by Davide Castro and Erik Edman
Produced by Davide Castro and Erik Edman
Assistant Producers: Jochen Schult and Ivana Nenadovic
Written by Erik Edman