mέta culture

Culture forms one of mέta’s main priorities — since it is through art and research, argument, and poetry, that mέta works to break with a dystopic present and imagine the world anew.

Art is a trauma, crisis, anger, agony. In art, the whole of society is embraced and encapsulated — along, of course, with its various barbarisms. Art is political by definition, as it implicitly and explicitly addresses the freedom of the individual and of the collective to express themselves and to take action. It affects both those who produce it and those who contemplate it. And, crucially, it has the capacity to make us think and imagine. Art can effect change —  if not the world as a whole, then at least people’s perceptions and dispositions. It can criticize and challenge. Art can affect people; it can make us see reality with fresh eyes and reveal hidden perspectives. It has the power to disclose issues to us that are kept secret or are distorted due to economic and political interests. The cultural domain of mέta engages in the diagnostics of our current era and formulates a vision for a postcapitalist future via the medium of arts, and by becoming a platform for performances, exhibitions, talks, and conversations — one step at a time.