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DiEM TV Christmas Specials — including a broadcast on mέta

Friday, December 17

[19:00 CET] DiEM TV Christmas Special: No Tech for Apartheid — with Ariel Koren, Bathool Syed and Maja Pelevic

Saturday, December 18

[19:00 CET] DiEM TV Christmas Special: All I want for Christmas is Postcapitalism: mέta, a think tank for DiEM25, MERA25 and the Progressive International

Sunday, December 19

[19:00 CET] DiEM TV Christmas Special: I Often Dream of a Revolution — with Olga Dimitrijević and Maja Pelević

Monday, December 20

[19:00 CET] DiEM TV Christmas Special: Radical Lessons from 2021 — with Noam Chomsky and Yanis Varoufakis

Tuesday, December 21

[19:00 CET] DiEM TV Christmas Special: No burning issues, just vibes: a very special Christmas broadcast