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Police violence “Law and Order” and mutations of the concept of security

18/03/2021 // 20:00 22:00 EET

How is anti-crime policy politicised and how is political protest criminalised under pandemic conditions? How mature is Greek society’s dilemma between safety and freedom? What is the role of the media in the “illegality” narrative and the doctrine of “law and order”? What is precisely the case with new policing practices, police training and the weaponry of police forces/militarisation? Which forms of political and civilian control of the police violence can we set forth?

Interlocutors: Dr Charalambos Kouroundis, lawyer, Law School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dr Georgios Papanicolaou, Reader in Criminology, Teesside University, UK

Prof. Anastassia Tsoukala, Associate Professor of Criminology, University of Paris-Sud

Host: Kostas Raptis, journalist, mέta’s press officer