• The Translation-Subtitles Volunteers Team (OEMY) was founded in May 2020, amidst the covid-19 pandemic outbreak.
  • It consists of people all around the world, mainly in Europe.
  • It translates texts into various languages, although English is the main translation and transcription language, due to easiness of access to translators external to the team.
  • It covers the translation and subtitles needs for the content created by MeRA25 and also crucial (and time-independent) content that has not yet been translated or subtitled.
  • From the beginning, the Team sought out to form alliances through DiEM25 and actively processed requests from both DiEM25, MeRA25 and mέta.
  • It creates, maintains and updates team-specific tools for collaboration and automation of all the processes concerning transcription, timeshifting and translation.
  • It holds a series of live online courses, with training on the job. 
  • It creates video series for educational purposes.
  • It shares knowledge within and outside DiEM25.

Would you like to be part of the Team & help spread the word by contributing to any aspect of the work, at any stage of a text or video translation in any or your languages? 

Contact: [email protected]